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Using hardwood & cypress
Designing for Appearance
Designing for Structural Strength
Structural Properties
Sizes and Availability
Span Tables
Timber Joints
Insulating Against Fire
Check Structural Selection
Designing for Durability
Formalising specification
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Domestic decks
Expressed hardwood structures
Timber flooring
Non-domestic decks
Joinery, furniture and fit-out
Internal lining boards
Piles and poles
Stairs, handrails and balustrades
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Designing for Structural Strength

Hardwoods and Cypress have been used since early settlement in Australia for all types of structures. They have proven to be sustainable and readily available resources. Design principles have now developed to deliver highly adapted products. Hardwoods and Cypress offer strength, fire resistance and natural durability. Careful design and detailing can build these properties into
structures as discussed in this section of the guide.