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Designing for Appearance

Sizes and availability
Sizes of dressed timber are influenced by availability. Many are derived from structural or rough sawn sizes which are re-processed for dressed timber usage (Note: stress grade branding is usually lost during re-processing, which is permitted by State regulations as long as appropriate arrangements have been made between the supplier and purchaser).

Machined thicknesses include 20, 35 and 45 mm options. The latter is limited in supply due to the time and difficulty in seasoning high density hardwoods. Lamination offers a practical alternative. Widths include 65, 90, 140, 190, 235 and 285 mm (depending on species). Widths greater than 140 mm are also limited in supply because of the lack of appropriate quality logs. Tolerances for thicknesses and widths vary depending on shrinkage and recovery rates from rough sawn sections – sizes 1–2 mm smaller than the above may occur. Lengths are available in 300 mm increments but 100 mm increments may be available for short lengths (e.g. less than 2.4m).

Large orders require lead time to prepare. Special runs may also be possible for unusual or large sections sizes. In addition, sheet veneer products are available to use in conjunction with the above from specialist stockists. It is recommended that producers be contacted for details about sizes and availability (refer to the Producer’s Guide referenced in Section 5).