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Wood begins as a natural resource and passes along the production chain until it is converted into end user products. This guide describes common principles for specifiers to use in converting hardwoods and Cypress into appropriate end products. The content conveys themes that can be applied to building construction, interior design, fit-out, civil structures and landscaping. It will also benefit those who simply wish to learn more about the correct use of timber.

This guide acts as an over arching document which is to be read in conjunction with a series of linked technical guides for specific applications, such as flooring, decks, stairs and handrails, piles and poles, cladding, fit-out and furniture. It also links to information on different hardwood and Cypress species, and related timber producers.

The guide starts with basic principles of timber usage, then breaks into three streams. One dealing with using timber for its appearance, another dealing with structural applications, while the third deals with durability issues. The guide ends by detailing how to prepare a timber specification, and also contains regulatory references, a glossary of terms and a list of the previously mentioned link documents. The overall document structure is shown in Figure 1.

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  • Timber Manual National Association of Forest Industries, Canberra