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White Mahogany
Narrow-leaved White Mahogany)
Eucalyptus acmenoides

White mahogony - map

White mahogony - grain

White Mahogany is a medium to large hardwood found along the coastal plains and adjacent ranges of the east coast, ranging from Sydney to cental Queensland, with isolated occurrences further north. The bark is rough and quite fibrous but not overly coarse and is generally grey-brown in colour.

The heartwood is pale coloured, hard, close grained and heavy. The grain is also typically interlocked. The sapwood is only a very narrow band around the tree, and is slightly paler in colour. Texture is medium and even.

White Mahogany is highly durable (Class 1,) allowing for a wide range of external applications. Applications include heavy engineering, marine structures, boat building, framework, panelling, cladding, flooring (usually in a mixed species floor) and decking. Definition of properties

White cypress Pine - properties

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