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Flooded Gum
Eucalyptus grandis

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Flooded gum - grain

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Flooded Gum (also known by the trade name of Rose Gum) is a large hardwood that grows in the moist soils along the east coast of Australia ranging from around Bulahdelah in New South Wales up to northern Queensland in a discontinuous distribution, typically in moist valleys.

A rough, thin, flaking bark, grey to brown in colour, covering the base of the tree for a few metres. Most of the trunk and branches are a smooth white to greyish white.

The heartwood is a pink to pale red-brown with the sapwood not clearly distinguishable. The grain is straight and the texture is moderately course and even. The timber often features the work of the scribbly borer. This insect leaves a small trail mark in a weaving or ‘scribbling’ pattern on the timber. The timber also tends to fray slightly on cutting and has a ‘sheen’ when freshly planed.

The heartwood is only moderately durable (Class 3), which limits some exterior applications. Sapwood is resistant to lyctid borer attack. Applications include general framing, flooring, panelling, joinery and furniture. Definition of properties

Flooded Gum - properties
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