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New England Blackbutt
Eucalyptus campanulata
Eucalyptus Andrewsii

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NE Blackbutt - grain

Blackbutt NE - living room
New England Blackbutt is sourced from the coastal ranges and tablelands of northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. It is a commonly available timber particularly within these regions. On the tablelands it is sometimes found in pure stands, although it is more commonly the dominant species within stands containing other tableland species such as Messmate (E. obliqua), Manna Gum (E. viminalis), Brown Barrel (E.fastigata) and several Stringybarks. Eucalyptus andrewsii is a closely related species and more predominant west of the New England Highway.

The material is very similar in appearance and properties to Blackbutt (E. pilularis). The colour ranges from pale browns to straw blondes, with gum veins being a common feature. The grain is usually quite straight.

New England Blackbutt is moderately less durable than coastal Blackbutt, with variations in the range Class 2 to Class 3. The sapwood is susceptible to lyctid borer attack. Applications are varied and include flooring, building structural members and joinery. Definition of properties

NE Balckbutt - properties

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