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Ash, Silvertop
Eucalyptus sieberi
Eucalyptus Regnans

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Silvertop Ash is a medium to tall sized hardwood found along the coast and inland tablelands of central and southern New South Wales down through eastern Victoria and into north- eastern Tasmania. The bark covers the whole trunk and is thick, hard, coarsely furrowed and dark brown to brown/black in mature trees. This feature, along with its red or liver coloured terminal branchlets make it easily distinguishable.

The heartwood is a pale brown to pinkish colour with the sapwood being a narrow band and not clearly distinguishable in colour. The texture is medium, often with interlocking grain. Gum vein, pinhole borer discolouration and ‘pencil streaks’ are common features.

The heartwood is moderately durable (Class 3), limiting various external applications where it is not adequately protected. The material works well, and has been widely used in a variety of applications including flooring and domestic structural framing.Definition of properties

Ash silvertop - properties
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