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Expressed Hardwood Structures

Expressed hardwood truss ceiling
This guide provides ideas and design information to assist in the development of expressed native timber structures in buildings. Basic information on how to determine structural form, typical connections and timber use are included.

Expressed Internal Structures
The use of hardwoods as expressed internal structural elements represents the most ‘complete’ application of hardwood in construction. The three major attributes of Australian hardwood- high strength to weight, durability and beauty are all ‘expressed’ in the final result.

Combined with the natural fire resistance properties of many hardwoods, these attributes make high value applications, such as structures for public buildings, a natural choice for the material.

The success of specialist, non-domestic structures depends on the fusion of design and engineering disciplines. The structural form is dependant as much on the desired feel of the space as it is on structural requirements. Australian timbers offer a wide range of options and may also be successfully blended with other building materials such as steel, concrete and glass.

Expressed structures - Inside-house



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