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This site provides an online resource to compliment the recently produced Australian Hardwood & Cypress Manual. Brought to you by the Australian Hardwood Network >>

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  • Suppliers guide available.
  • Entire Manual available.
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    Hardwood Quality Assurance
    Producers Guide

    The ecoSelect brand is symbolic of a commitment to guardianship of a valuable and renewable material.

    ecoSelect denotes timber harvested in accordance with guidelines that are among the most stringent in terms of forest regeneration, biodiversity and native fauna protection criteria.

    ecoSelect timber is part of a broad vision of sustainable forestry in which our forests will continue to flourish and the balance of nature is supported.

    When you buy ecoSelect timber products, you are investing in wood that lives on - both in the exquisite hardwood products and in the legacy of the forests that regenerate.

    Suppliers Guide

    Find your product!

    A timber suppliers guide, indexed by category.

    Click here.

    Entire Manual

    Click the link above to download the manual in pdf format. You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat 5 or above.
    The documents have been compressed so be aware that images may be of lesser quality. But other than that it retains all the funtions of the CD rom. To launch the program after download click on the file named 'startup.exe.'
    Note : the zip file is 26.5 MB in size
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